30 Sep 2022 | Wenguang Zhao wins the Best Poster Award in the 28th International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC), 2022 (see the Dept. MMBE announcement and

28-30 Sep 2022 | Tim Persoons chairs the 28th International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC) in Dublin (

17 Aug 2022 | Eoin Oude Essink and his brother Tadhg-Lorcan win the 2022 nTopology/EOS Responsible Part Challenge with an innovative heat sink design (read the School of Engineering article and TCD News article)

19 Jul 2022 | MAI graduate Gearóid Farrell publishes journal article on his final year project in Actuators, modelling drag reduction for cylinders in cross flow using porous surface coatings (read the article)

20 May 2022 | MAI students Gearóid Farrell and Naoise Barry awarded the Collen Prize and MAI Prize in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

26 Nov 2021 | Sahan Wasala awarded SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship to continue his fan aeroacoustics research in Seagate’s engineering labs in Minnesota and Colorado as of June 2022

23 Nov 2021 | MSc student Emilie Raymond awarded 2021/2022 Intel Masters Bursary for her final year project work entitled ‘Flexible heat pipe reduced order modelling for thermal energy harvesting

22 Sep 2021 | Wenguang Zhao wins 3rd prize in all-Ireland (Republic of Ireland + Northern Ireland) poster competition for mechanical engineering PhD students at the 24th Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium

17 Aug 2021 | MAI graduate Imogen Guinness publishes journal article on her MAI final year project in Fluids, modelling drag reduction for cylinders in cross flow using porous surface coatings (read the article)

12 Aug 2021 | MAI graduate Oran James co-authors journal article on his MAI final year project in IEEE TCPMT, modelling synthetic jet coolers to optimize servers for waste heat recuperation (read the article)

4 Aug 2021 | Michael Gibbons awarded prestigious Royal Society-SFI University Research Fellowship for the development of loop heat pipes for waste heat recovery in data centres (read more, see Twitter)

30 Jun 2021 | Sajad Alimohammadi and Tim Persoons win 2020 Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence for the development of an alternative air mover for data centre servers (read more here and on the Irish Research Council blog)

18 Jun 2021 | Tim Persoons featured in TCD Research Stories on our team’s efforts to making data centres and data storage more sustainable (watch here) #TrinityResearchStories

1 Sep 2020 | Wenguang Zhao awarded China Scholarship Council – Trinity College Dublin Joint Postgraduate Scholarship

15 Feb 2019 | MAI student Dale Chen awarded 2018/2019 Intel Masters Bursary for his final year project work entitled ‘Experimentally validated multi-objective genetic algorithm optimization of plate-fin heat sinks for electronics cooling applications‘ (read more)

26 Sep 2018 | Assel Sakanova presents a paper on optimising the internal layout of hybrid cooled data centre servers at THERMINIC-2018, Stockholm, 26-28 Sep 2018

2 Jul 2018 | Jaakko McEvoy presents a paper on the effect of flow pulsation waveforms in rectangular mesochannels for high heat flux electronics cooling in ICEFM-2018, Munich, 2-4 Jul 2018

26 Apr 2018 | Rick Cressall wins the Best Poster Award at the 2018 Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium (read more)

12 Dec 2017 | Tim Persoons’ team featured in the 2016-2017 Provost’s Annual Review (read more here or download the article )

1 Nov 2017 | Tim Persoons, Gerry Byrne, Bill Kingston and MAI graduate Thomas Burke involved in research to reduce the environmental cost of tidal energy production (read more or access the full article)

27 Sep 2017 | MAI graduate Younis Osama Abdelsalam presents his final year project work in a conference paper at THERMINIC-2017, Amsterdam, 27-29 Sep 2017

21 Aug 2017 | A photograph by Jaakko McEvoy becomes one of Ten Striking Research Images to be featured on new IRC website

11 Jun 2017 | Jaakko McEvoy presents a paper on a new method for refractive index matched PIV measurements at ExHFT-9, Foz du Iguaçu, Brazil, 11-15 Jun 2017

2 Dec 2016 | Prof Bengt Sundén (Lund University) presents seminar on heat transfer research in a jet engine (10am, SR3, Parsons Building) (read more)

25 Oct 2016 | Prof Louis Cattafesta (Florida State University) presents seminar on active flow control (11am, CLT, Parsons Building) (read more)

24 May 2016 | Rick Cressall awarded 2016 Naughton PhD Fellowship co-supervised by Tim Persoons and Kenneth T. Christensen (University of Notre Dame)

18 Dec 2014 | Tim Persoons awarded 2014 Outstanding Paper Award by AIAA Ground Testing Technical Committee (GTTC) (read more)

13 Aug 2014 | Eoin Fanning, Tim Persoons and Darina Murray awarded 2013 Hartnett-Irvine Award by the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer in Kyoto, Japan

5 Jul 2014 | Tim Persoons, Rudi O’Reilly Meehan and Darina Murray represent Trinity in the 4th International PIV Challenge in Lisbon, Portugal

18-20 Jun 2014 | MAI graduates Craig Marron, Paul Manning, Patrick Dinneen and PhD student Sajad Alimohammadi present their research at Eurotherm Seminar 102: Thermal Management of Electronic Systems, University of Limerick

17 Dec 2013 | Prof Arup Kumar Das presents seminar on two-phase flow simulation methods developed in IIT Kharagpur and IIT Roorkee (12pm, CLT, Parsons Building) (read more)

11 Nov 2013 | Dr Peter De Bock presents seminar on the development of the piezoelectric dual cooling jet (DCJ) at GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY (1pm, CLT, Parsons Building) (read more)

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